Montreal QC © Nadège Taront

Barista Parlor Golden Sound. Lucky Riders on the move…

Montreal QC © David Kirouac

The Setlist: Cleveland © Peter Larson | Rolling Stone


Song of the Day:

Pete Molinari feat. Dan Auerbach - So Long Gone

No Fun (Live)

The Black Keys


No Fun (Live) - The Black Keys

Recorded live at Peel Acres (7/31/2003).  From the second of three sessions The Black Keys recorded for John Peel.

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Tickets available today for The Black Keys in Cardiff, Wales at the Motorpoint Arena on March 4, 2015.

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View all tour dates here.

#‎TurnBlue‬ // Photo credit: Danny Clinch

This week’s Montage Monday brought to you by the color ‘red’…

Turn Blue Tour: So Far

By all accounts (including your girls right here) this leg of the tour has been an absolute smash…

The setlist was full of surprises, not least being the live debut of Weight of Love in Montreal

Act Nice and Gentle got dusted off in Columbus. A singular treat as the first gig of the tour was the only night they performed it

And then theres A Girl Like You. No one on earth expected that. No one. And if you say you did, you are outright lying. It makes absolute sense in hindsight – the fuzzy guitar and soul groove – but wow, that came out of nowhere. And its killer

Leavin Trunk is blowing everyones mind. And how great is it to see new TBK fans react to it so passionately

Too Afraid to Love You is making everyone ugly-cry, quite possibly because we never thought wed hear it again live. This blogmistress might have cried from pure gratitude

Other highlights:

Gotta Get Away and A Girl Like You on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Bob Segers Ramblin Gamblin Man in Detroit

A new Rig Rundown happened

*Awesome People Hanging Out Together* moments with John Doe, Robert Plant, and Questlove